Monday, June 1, 2009


You: i lost my job at GM today

Stranger: what did you do there?

You: accounts

Stranger: i know they filed fro chapter 11 today

Stranger: that sucks

You: this town is a mess, i think i'm going to move to panama

Stranger: helzz yeah

Stranger: van halen didn't write a song about that place for nothing

Stranger: well maybe they did

You: well, they do have a very friendly attitude for foreigners

Stranger: they were prolly high

You: especially the young women

Stranger: true

You: they're nice to me.

You: partly thats the reason my wife left

Stranger: well then she's a bitch

You: she didn't get it

Stranger: i know none of them do

You: i could be myself down there

Stranger: women think completely different than men

Stranger: it was your happy place

Stranger: your better off without her

You: just because you might like to be with those younger than you is not a cause to break up a marriage, you know what I'm saying?

Stranger: all men want to be with younger women

Stranger: it's how we work

You: i mean, they were really young

Stranger: i have never been married

You: but very receptive

Stranger: like how old?

You: i don't know if i can get into that just yet

You: have you ever been to a third world country?

Stranger: not really

Stranger: but i think i see pedo bear over there

Stranger: lol

You: i think you might be judging me, which is cool, i guess

Stranger: totally cool

Stranger: you don;t need to be going after girls dude

You: i'm not talking about girls