Sunday, May 17, 2009


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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hello friend
Stranger: hi
You: How are you?
Stranger: fine thank you
You: I don't know what I'm to do with myself.
You: where you from?
Stranger: china u?
You: I'm in a prison in Alaska.
Stranger: oh mygod
You: Yeah, it's pretty rough.
You: Did some bad things in my day, friend.
Stranger: oh
You: What part of China in which do you reside?
Stranger: south city
You: of Bejing?
Stranger: how oid are you
Stranger: no
Stranger: in guangdong
You: Ah yes, ok.
Stranger: do you know
You: Yes,
You: how old are you?
Stranger: 23
Stranger: u?
You: 56
You: I'm in Alaska
Stranger: hehe
You: Are you a woman or a man?
Stranger: woman
Stranger: u
You: I'm a man.
You: are you out of school?
Stranger: yes
You: what's your degree?
Stranger: University
Stranger: but my english is very poor
Stranger: so~~~~~
You: I think your English is fantastic
Stranger: thank you very much
You: What kind of work do you do?
Stranger: i haven't a jod:(
You: I'm sorry
Stranger: What's your name
You: Dimples
You: What's yours?
Stranger: wing
Stranger: what are you doing?
Stranger: are you here?
You: I'm here,
You: just hanging out
Stranger: oh
You: staring at the snow flutter over the bars in my prison cell window.
You: What kind of job would you like to have?
Stranger: oh is very nice
Stranger: but i can't see snow
Stranger: i don't know
You: still trying to decide what you'd like to do?
You: Do you want to stay in South City?
You: Or move to Bejing?
You: or to another country?
Stranger: because guangdong in south
You: Do you want to stay in Guangdong? Or live in another city?
You: do you like Guangdong?
Stranger: yes i like
You: is it better than Bejing?
You: If you don't mind me asking, would you be interested in helping me escape from prison?
Stranger: maybe
Stranger: you come to beijing?
Stranger: no
You: I've been digging a hole using a grapefruit spoon for the past seven years. I'm almost all the way through.
You: but I need a person to help me escape from the outside.
You: I'd love to come to Beijing
Stranger: but I need a person to help me escape from the outside
Stranger: ?
You: I'm looking for someone to help me escape from prison.
You: I'm getting ready to break out. I've been digging a hole for the past seven years, like I said, with a grapefruit spoon.
Stranger: but i can't help u
You: Why not?
You: I can't stay here any longer, it's making me totally bonkers I tell ya.
You: I'm ready to break out, and I could really use your help
Stranger: I'm say sorry
You: I need someone on the outside to pick me up in Juneau, as soon as I break free.
Stranger: no
You: Seven years is a long time.
Stranger: it's Crazy p
Stranger: i know Seven years is a long time. 
Stranger: but~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You: I've stollen a jar of lard and bacon fat from the kitchen, to grease me up so I'll slip through the hole I've dug nice and easy.
You: when I come out on the other side, digging up through the ground, it would be really amazing if you could pick me up, help me get back on my feet again.
Stranger: Crazy
Stranger: bye
You: I'm like a caged bird
You: I need your help
You: please
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You was played by David

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