Thursday, May 28, 2009


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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hey!
Stranger: heilo!
Stranger: on earth?
You: lol
You: yes
You: you?
Stranger: kewl
Stranger: yup
Stranger: spinning madly
You: is it memorial day where you are?
Stranger: I guess so
Stranger: we're in this together
You: i don't know what that is, somebody on here was telling me about it earlier
You: im malta
You: in
Stranger: oh
Stranger: it's war dead remembrance day
Stranger: nationa holliday in US
Stranger: national*
You: thats what she said
Stranger: people spend the day outdoors
Stranger: eating barbeque
You: she said everyone shoots at each other
Stranger: lol
You: and gets abortions
Stranger: not in my neighborhood
Stranger: haha
You: i serious
You: am
Stranger: lol
Stranger: well I guess that's one way of seeing it
You: it didn't make much sense
You: i thought they were lying
Stranger: they were, in theory
Stranger: but there are military veterans parades
Stranger: I guess they carry fake rifles
You: hat doesn't sound fun
You: that
Stranger: it's not
Stranger: that's why most ppl just go out and eat and drink
You: she said you eat pigs and people get drunk and give blowjobs to people on boats
Stranger: unless your relative or friend died in a war
Stranger: that would be awsome
You: my father died in a war
Stranger: which war?
You: but that was long ago
You: vietnam
Stranger: oh
Stranger: you're vietnamese then?
You: no from malta
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: ok
You: you?
Stranger: new york city
Stranger: US
You: ive been there!
Stranger: cool
Stranger: when?
You: crowded
You: 5 years ago
Stranger: It can be
Stranger: depends where
You: i was there for new year eve
You: it was CRAZY!
Stranger: ok that explains it
Stranger: in times square?
You: yes!
You: and we went to canada
You: the next day
Stranger: I never went there for new years eve
Stranger: oh
You: you don't like canada?
Stranger: do you speak french in malta?
You: i don't
Stranger: in general I mean
Stranger: the maltese
You: people speak diffrent things
You: i speak portugese
Stranger: ok
You: and english
You: of course!
Stranger: very good english!
Stranger: learned in school?
You: my sister
You: she lived in canada since she was 5
Stranger: ok
Stranger: I speak spanish and english
Stranger: I was born in argentina
Stranger: but I lived here most of my life
You: kewl!
Stranger: lol
Stranger: do you have a proffession
Stranger: ?
You: i make pottery
Stranger: nice
You: its ok
Stranger: I'm an architect
Stranger: yu like to work with your hands
Stranger: you*
You: i do
Stranger: me too
You: and i am my own boss
Stranger: me too
You: so you build things?
Stranger: now I work with computers a lot
Stranger: I design them
Stranger: and manage the constuction
Stranger: I specialize in public places
Stranger: parks, theaters museums...
You: wow!
Stranger: I'm terrified of deigning private places
You: i like parks and theatres, we don't really have any museums
Stranger: designing*
Stranger: malta is very small
Stranger: what is the name of the largest city in malts
Stranger: malta?
You: it's not that small
You: valletta
Stranger: isn't it an island in the mediterranean sea?
You: i got raped there though
Stranger: napoleon was born there right?
You: didnt go back
You: no
Stranger: shit!
You: corsica
Stranger: sorry
You: its ok
You: was a long time ago
Stranger: my european geography is a little rusty
Stranger: lol
Stranger: I'm very sorry that happened to you
You: not many people know much about malta
You: or how terrible it can be
Stranger: true
You: the weathers ok
You: kind of hot
Stranger: nice
Stranger: is it part of Italy?
You: no
Stranger: or independent?
You: independant
Stranger: oh
You: we have a mayor in town
You: hes ok
Stranger: nice guy?
Stranger: you know him?
You: well, he did rape me once
You: j/k
Stranger: not sure I can laugh at that
Stranger: but I admire your ability to joke about it
You: sorry
Stranger: no problem
You: see ya queerguts
You have disconnected.
You was played by Elliott