Saturday, May 23, 2009

Steely Dan

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Stranger: hi
You: hey!
Stranger: I was a Korean
You: you were?
Stranger: I was Korean. You do not like Korea?
You: i like korea
Stranger: oh, thanks.
Stranger: from?
You: austin tx.
You: you like steely dan?
You: cause i sure do
Stranger: steely dan?
You: the rock group
Stranger: for the first time I saw
Stranger: oh! group~
You: yeah, donald fagen, walter becker
You: even chevy chase was a member at one point
You: they fucking rule
Stranger: haha ;;
You: tell me about it
You: they got the name from a william s. burroughs novel
You: it was the name of a fucking dildo!!
You: can you believe that shit?
Stranger: i can't understand , sorry
You: thats cool. you should really do yourself a favor and get some of their music though
You: what kind of music do you like?
Stranger: just dance
You: i like to dance
Stranger: um you are female?
You: i aqm
You: am
You: r u male?
Stranger: no. i'm girl
You: neat, lets talk about peroids and lipstick and stuff.
You: does your boyfriend hit you? mine does.
Stranger: no
Stranger: i haven't bf
Stranger: you have bf?
You: i do. he's in jail right now
Stranger: ;; why?
You: he assaulted some police officersw while he was high on pcp
Stranger: oh
Stranger: too bad
You: yeah, my parents don't like him because he's black
You: and he hits me
You: how old r u?
Stranger: Why did he assault you?
Stranger: i'm 18
You: he hits me because he says i don't really listen to him
You: and when hes drunk
You: im 18 too, btw.
You: lol
Stranger: :D
Stranger: you have MSN?
You: i don't think so, this isn't my computer, i'm at the library
Stranger: oh
Stranger: well
Stranger: what time is it there?
You: 8 o'clock
Stranger: am?
Stranger: pm?
You: pm
Stranger: oh
You: what time is it there?
Stranger: am 11:43
Stranger: It is soon time for lunch :D
You: what month is it there?
Stranger: May
You: oh wow! here too! lol
Stranger: : )
Stranger: How's the weather there?
You: HOT!
Stranger: here too !
You: the library is the best place to beat the heat
Stranger: oh~
You: also, my parents have a water hose in the front yard
You: so do you think i should stay with my boyfriend when he gets out of jail?
Stranger: um...
Stranger: I think you should not belong to him 
You: he can be nice sometimes
Stranger: but sometimes!
Stranger: The violence is not right, no matter
You: but maybe hes right, maybe i don't listen
Stranger: um....
Stranger: Do you love him?
You: i guess so, i mean we've done it
Stranger: If you can not help that you love him
You: you're so right
Stranger: okej
Stranger: If you do you want to do the right thing
You: he wants me to sneak things into jail for him
Stranger: Can you believe it?
You: no, i fucking can't!
Stranger: Do not listen to him never
You: but we have 2 kids together
Stranger: what?!
Stranger: Did you have kids?
You: yes, 2
You: one is three, the other is 1 and a half
Stranger: It's a difficult situation
You: you got that right
You: they cry constantly
Stranger: Tough, eh?
You: sometimes i just wish i could sell them to somebody, ya know?
Stranger: come on...
You: i bring them to the library so i don't have to watch them
You: they just run around
Stranger: Your parents say?
You: i told you my parents are jerks
Stranger: oh.....
You: are your parents cool?
Stranger: no. South Korea is a very conservative
Stranger: But not because of my parents, I saw my boyfriend take it
You: i thought you didn't have bf?
Stranger: yes. right
Stranger: South Korea hope to free the foreign like
You: you can come to america, you can babysit for me!
Stranger: hahaha I'd like to
You: or i can send them to you
Stranger: Children were sent to me?
You: sure. they'dove that!
You: love
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: When I go to the U.S. I want to meet you :D
You: hells yeah! whats your name btw?
You: mines unice
Stranger: my name is kim dong hee
Stranger: call donghee
You: kewl!
Stranger: and u?
You: unice
You: you-nis
Stranger: oh, thanks. haha
Stranger: unice~
You: when are you coming to the u.s.?
Stranger: um.. I do not know when I'll be in the U.S.
You: the librarian here is a real bitch
You: she's yelling at me about my kids
Stranger: ;;
Stranger: who is she?
You: she runs the library with an iron fist
Stranger: oh. shs's bad
Stranger: She bad
Stranger: I'll understand if you just you
You: please do
You: she said my son was flushing newspaper down the toilet
Stranger: um.. come on
Stranger: oh, sorry, I gotta go now
You: but i love you!
Stranger: Nice to be able to talk to you
Stranger: me too, love you!
You: yeah!
Stranger: :D
Stranger: so.. bye bye
You: thanks for helping me decide to stay with my boyfriend
Stranger: No problem : )
Stranger: See ya~~~~
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You was played by Elliott.

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