Sunday, May 17, 2009


Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: fuck it's saturday
You: you know what I'm saying?
You: I'm ready to party
Stranger: i hear ya
Stranger: me too but i cant find one
You: I did a pushup contest today
You: came in third
Stranger: sexxyyy
You: $45 entry fee
Stranger: damnnnn
You: taxes included
You: I'm really good at push-ups though, seriously,
Stranger: thats good
You: do you want me to do some right now?
You: hold on, putting the computer down
You: here I go
Stranger: do you have a webcam
You: yes
Stranger: cool so do i
You: how old are you?
Stranger: 17
You: cool
Stranger: and my friend is 18
You: I'm 47, just had a messy divorce.
Stranger: im sorry my parents just divorced
You: it's rough, I feel for you
You: but life goes on, you know?
Stranger: yupp its gotta
You: and hopefully it's for the better
Stranger: yeah
You: is everything amicable?
You: I'm pretty good at karate.
Stranger: thats good im not that
Stranger: im not that good i mean
You: I gotcha.
You: are you going to go to college?
Stranger: yupp
You: cool, good for you.
You: I was in the viet nam war
Stranger: cool
You: I've seen horrible things in my day. Horrible things. Don't get me started.
Stranger: my uncle was in desert storm
You: does he know karate?
Stranger: yea
You: did your uncle see horrible things?
Stranger: yea but he doesnt talk about it
You: me neither really.
Stranger: yea i can understand
You: but I once had to blow up an orphanage
Stranger: aww
You: it was a horrible time in my life.
You: in Saigon.
You: just doing what Uncle Sam told me to, you know?
You: blew up the whole god-damned orphanage.
You: 36 kids.
You: blown to pieces.
You: it was so horrible
Stranger: sounds like it
You: still haunts me to this day.
You: ...seems like the only way a man can feel at peace these days is by chattin' it up with a cyber-stranger, you know?
Stranger: mhm
You: little kid body parts raining down on me and the boys. So fucked up.
You: Uncle Sam gives you a lot of things when you go into combat, but he sure as hell don't give you goddamned kid-proof umbrellas, you know what I'm saying??
Stranger: yea
You: don't get into the military, serious.
You: what are you going to study in college?
Stranger: i want to be author
Stranger: so engilsh lit.
You: don't study American History, unless you want to know about all the awful things me and my boys had to go through
You: shit, I couldn't even talk to my wife about it, guess that might've had something to do with the divorce
You: but somehow, for some reason, god knows why, I feel comfortable talking with you.
Stranger: thanks its always good to talk to somebody
You: maybe you could write my life story and become a famous author.
Stranger: maybe
You: I can use more flourishing words to dress it up if it would sound better on the printed page that way.
Stranger: yeah
You: but the orphan kid parts, man. There was no way to tell which parts went with which. That's messy, but what do you expect with 500 lbs of C4.
You: we shoveled 'em into the feed troughs 30 clicks away in a pig pen.
You: a big pig pen.
You: Those hogs took to 'em like white on rice.
You: gobbled up ever single last one of those kid parts.
You: Are you writing this down?
Stranger: yea
You: cool,
You: I think I have some good names for the book.
You: "FEVER of the JUNGLE"
You: what do you think?
Stranger: thats a really good name
You: cool, so we have my blown up orphan story, that's a good one and should take up a lot of pages.
Stranger: true
You: I have a pretty horrible one about a rice paddy gangbang.
Stranger: ok
You: one where me and the boys, we put a brick of C4 in the rectum of a water buffalo.
You: you want to talk about crazy?
You: That shit is crazy.
Stranger: sounds like it
You: I have one about eating a snake...while it was still alive.
Stranger: ok
You: thanks for listening
You: this is too heavy for me right now
Stranger: its ok
You: god bless you
You: semper fi
Stranger: god bless
You: thank you
Stranger: no problem
You: it's been great
Stranger: yes it has
You: it really really has
You: it means a lot to me, you listening. you've purged some of my demons tonight.
Stranger: its no problem really
You: i'm going to drink to my fallen brothers. and to those poor orphans.
Stranger: ok
You: thanks
You: i've never opened up like this to ANYONE before
Connection asploded.
You was played by David

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