Saturday, May 16, 2009


You: is that you?

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: its me

Stranger: da same guy u were lookin for

You: oh good

You: i was worried you werent going to pay me

Stranger: ?

Stranger: r u female

You: for the stuff we did

You: you left a big mess

Stranger: really

You: of course, don't you remember

Stranger: it was not intented

You: you lose control really easy, i know

You: it's not that big of deal, i just wish you would buy me a burger sometime

Stranger: wid a gorgeous gal lik u

You: thats me

Stranger: who can hold it

You: big tits

Stranger: show me

Stranger: :P

You: round hips

You: let me squeeze them

Stranger: show me

You: shhh. let me undo my blouse

You: they just popped out

You: wait, youre squeezing too hard

You: ouch that hurts

You: you just made me lactate

Stranger: ok

Stranger: then fill ur glass

Stranger: n hv it

Stranger: in ur bfast

Stranger: :P

You: it's surprisingly good

You: here, you have some

You: taste like nougat

Stranger: nopes

(You was played by Nick)

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