Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Hole Is A Hole Is A Hole

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hello
Stranger: yo
Stranger: yo~~
You: what's up?
Stranger: i want do a plastic surgery
You: on what?
Stranger: on my nose
You: what's wrong with it?
Stranger: i think it is too low
You: are you a man or a woman?
Stranger: i am a cute gay
You: man?
Stranger: gay
You: gay man?
Stranger: yeah```of coursae
You: ok
Stranger: and u?
You: I'm a Vietnam Vet.
Stranger: ok
You: saw a guy get his nose blown off by shrapnel
Stranger: i am a japanese hairstyler
Stranger: nice to meet u'
You: you should love your nose for the way it is.
You: at least it's not blown off by shrapnel.
Stranger: ammmm............
You: plus plastic surgery is expensive.
Stranger: no
Stranger: it is ok
You: you could make a trip somewhere instead.
Stranger: hoho
Stranger: i have been to usa last month
You: you know, plastic surgery was invented after WWI to fix soldier's faces that were blown off.
Stranger: ok....you vietnanese will never know the imprtance of face
You: exactly.
You: where in america did you go?
Stranger: seanto
Stranger: newyork
You: nice
Stranger: how old are u,dude
You: 67
Stranger: 67?
Stranger: 67 years old?
You: I'm not gay, but while I was on the ship in 'nam, things happened if you know what I mean
Stranger: but you are sooo old
Stranger: i think no man will have interested in u
You: When you're stranded at sea on a sailing vessel, with lots of men, the rules change.
Stranger: ok,,,i see
You: I am old, that's true.
Stranger: have u ever fuck man
Stranger: ???
You: plus I'm missing my leg.
Stranger: omg,,,i am sorry
Stranger: you are a soilder?
Stranger: lose your leg in war right?
You: Let me just say that I was in the Navy, and when you're in a submarine for six months, the rules change. A hole is a hole is a hole.
Stranger: do u enjoy it?
You: Only the mighty Poseidon determines the way the door swings when you're at the bottom of the ocean for six months at a time.
You: yes I lost my leg in the war
Stranger: i admire u
You: in a sexy way or in a war hero way?
You: I'm overweight. I have the diabetes
Stranger: both side
You: have you ever given a haircut to a man who had his nose blown off by shrapnel?
You: I'd assume it would be a little distracting.
You: Where in Japan do you live?
Stranger: osaka
You: Do you like the movie "Barber Shop", with Ice Cube?
You: That movie had haircutters in it.
Stranger: do u know,,,japanese man"s nise is high in commom,,but mine is low
Stranger: oh i heard of it
You: nose?
You: your low nose makes you special.
Stranger: am,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
You: when I was in the Navy, if your nose was too high, like up in the middle of your forehead, then they'd kick you out.
You: so you should be happy with your nose.
Stranger: opps
Stranger: terrible
Stranger: i have to have meal ,,,,bye
Stranger: nice to meet u
You: wait friend, I've got more to talk to you about
You: you can eat later
Stranger: am........
Stranger: say,then
You: ok good.
You: You know, life is a strange thing. If I die from the diabetes, I'd be willing to give my nose to you, for a transplant.
Stranger: haha
You: That nose has been through a lot, has seen a lot, smelled a lot, but I think you'd like it.
You: I'm being serious.
Stranger: i know......
Stranger: are u ok,,man?
You: This has been a real special conversation for me.
You: I think I'd like to get a tattoo of your name on my chest.
You: would that be ok with you?
Stranger: i am sad...
You: don't be sad, I have a bumper sticker that says "Life's a bitch, and then you die", those are words that I live by.
Stranger: my english is poor sorry
You: no problem, I love your bad english.
You: It's better than my Chinese
Stranger: thank
Stranger: i will never forget u,,,u give me a nice lesson
You: What's your name, I'll get it tattooed on my chest to commerate our time together.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: tashiko
You: Ok Tashiko, I'm going to get it tattooed right over my heart, so that I never forget this conversation.
Stranger: sorry,,but i have to go,,,my friends call me
You: I'll never forget you either Tashiko, and remember my wise words of wisdom
Stranger: you are my best teacher
Stranger: ^_^
You: you are my best student.
Stranger: bye>>>
You: I love you.
You: bye
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You was played by David.

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