Saturday, May 16, 2009

You're Mentally Paralyzed

Connecting to server...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Oh dear god I'm so lonely

Stranger: if u're a female, u're lucky

You: will someone please cyberbuttfuck me?

Stranger: of course

Stranger: i do even realbuttfucku

You: Oh dear god I'm so lonely

Stranger: my cock is able to end your loneliness

Stranger: your pussy and asshole have a new good friend

You: do you care that I'm 47 and divorced?

Stranger: no of course

Stranger: provided that u still have two holes :D

You: I'm a man

Stranger: u lost then

You: no wait

You: please

You: I'

You: m

You: so loney

Stranger: but im not looking for a male

You: please help a lonely old man out

Stranger: where r u

You: i'm begging you

You: detroit

You: just let me talk with you for a moment

You: please

Stranger: tell

You: ok

You: as long as you don't mind me rubbing one out real quick I'll do anything. Fuck it's nice to have a friend right now.

Stranger: what's your problem

You: my children died two years ago

You: I'm lonely

Stranger: everybody dies man

Stranger: i'll die maybe tomorrow

Stranger: who knoes

Stranger: knows*

You: I know but your children, your fucking children

You: I can't get it out of my head, and I need someone to talk to

You: you there friend?

You: where are you from?

Stranger: u're too far away from me budyy

Stranger: turkey

You: really?

You: how's life in turkey?

Stranger: yea

Stranger: it's getting hot here

You: keep talking

You: it's getting hot here too.

Stranger: life's getting worse in terms of job opportunities

Stranger: i am about to graduate

Stranger: worrying about my future

You: The world is a scary place. I love Turkish women.

You: Hairy, but in a good way.

Stranger: yea turkish women are irresistable

You: They know what's going on, you know?

You: What's your degree in?

Stranger: translation - interpreting

Stranger: 4th grade

You: teaching 4th-graders?

Stranger: no, i am a senior myself

Stranger: about to graduate

You: I think Turk women are sexier than Greeks if you ask me.

You: that's fantastic, congratulations!

You: are you going to stay in Turkey?

Stranger: yea possibly

Stranger: i've been to us last summer

You: Where?

Stranger: for three months

Stranger: MA

You: Detroit?

You: Please God say Detroit

You: Fuck I'm about to come. Keep talking, where else?

Stranger: denver

You: oh yeah, I love denver

You: Where else?!

Stranger: nyc

You: Fuck yes, I

You: Christ, I just came.

You: Super messy.

Stranger: come on i am a man

Stranger: r u a gay?

Stranger: what the hell r u coming

You: no, god no, but I couldn't help it. I totally came. I'm sorry, I don't know what to say.

Stranger: shit go eat your cum

You: no please

You: it just happened

Stranger: you're mentally paralyzed

You: I don't know why

You: I'm just so lonely.

Stranger: nope not pathetic enough

You: what do you mean?

Stranger: i'd rather find a famale to chat

Stranger: sorry to leave you alone with your loneliness..

Stranger: may god save u

You: I thought people over there were more open to this sort of thing?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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(You was played by David).

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